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Festival of arts for children begins

Festival of arts for children begins

A girl gets Peking Opera style makeup put on by a staff. [Photo provided to China Daily]

The annual Opening Gate of Art Festival for children kicked off with a concert at the Forbidden City Concert Hall on July 2.

The concert by Beijing Symphony Orchestra conducted by music director Tan Lihua featured a mix of Western and Chinese pieces.

"We really enjoy the annual meeting with young audiences. at a time when children face a lot of pressure in school, I hope music can give them inspiration," says Tan.

The two-month festival, which runs till Aug 31, will have music, dance, Peking Opera and fine art shows besides lectures.

It also includes 10 mini summer camps teaching singing, dancing, percussion, traditional opera, fine art and calligraphy to children.

The Forbidden City Concert Hall launched the festival in 1995.

[ Editor: Wang Peiyao ]