The Gambia's Presidency said reported external security threat no cause for alarm

BANJUL, July 13 (Xinhua) -- The Director of Press and Public Relations at the office of the Gambian President Amie Bojang-Sissoho on Thursday advised the public to continue with their business as the reported external security threat to the country is no cause for alarm.

"President Barrow is aware of the reports regarding possible security threats to government, but the Gambia government is very aware of the fact that, any external force must come through our neighboring countries or by sea," she said at a press conference held in Fajara.

According to her, the country's security officers are vigilant and they are working in close partnership with their security partners in neighboring countries to avert any possible threats.

"Government wishes to reassure the general public that there is absolutely no cause for undue alert regarding this report. President Barrow urges everyone to continue working together towards the country's continued peace and stability," she concluded.

Earlier this week, there has been persisting reports that the military loyalists of former leader Yahya Jammeh are planning to attack the country from outside base.

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