Romanian part of Saber Guardian 2017 multinational exercise begins

BUCHAREST, July 13 (Xinhua) -- The Romanian part of the Saber Guardian 2017 (SG17) multinational exercise started on Thursday with Fire Support Coordination Exercise in the centre of the country, at the Cincu Joint National Training Centre.

The largest military war game in Romania's modern history is to conduct a wide range of actions by sea, land and air, during the six Saber Guardian 2017 rotations planned at Cincu, Raureni in southern Romania and in southeastern coastal locations of Bordusani, Capu Midia, Mihail Kogalniceanu and Babadag.

Some 8,000 troops from the Romanian Land Forces will participate in the multinational exercise at home, while the Romanian Navy will also take part in the exercise with 10 war and logistic support ships, 12 watercraft and 18 land combat vehicles.

On Romania's territory, SG17 will run over 20 shooting ranges and deployment areas, the Black Sea included.

Saber Guardian 2017 is a U.S. European Command, U.S. Army Europe-led annual exercise that kicked off on Tuesday with opening ceremony at the Novo Selo Training Area in Bulgaria and is to last till July 20 in Bulgaria, Romania and Hungary, involving over 25,000 service members from over 20 ally and partner nations.

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