Western states drivers more courteous in America: survey

LOS ANGELES, July 13 (Xinhua) -- An online survey about the courteous driving awareness in the United Statesshowed that in general, drivers in the west of the U.S. are more courteous than drivers in midwest, northeast and south areas.

The survey, conducted by Kars4kids.org from March to April this year, involved 50 licensed drivers in each state with a total of 2,500 respondents, aged 18 and older.

According to the survey released Wednesday night, Idaho is the state with the most courteous drivers nationally, New Mexico is the second and Oregon is in the third place.

Overall, in the top 10 list, eight states located in the west, including Montana, Alaska, Hawaii, Colorado and Washington.

On the result map, Arkansas, South Carolina and New York are in the last three places.

The drivers in Kansas, Georgia, New York and Wisconsin states respond the most aggressively to slow driving, while the drivers in Oregon, Vermont, Connecticut, and West Virginia are doing the best.

For the question that "do you let a car merge in front of you in heavy traffic", the drivers in most of the states gave the negative answer, only the drivers in Wyoming, Kansas and other eight states are more likely to let car merge in front of them.

The respondents in most of the states said they would not steal someone's parking spot, it only happens more frequently in Wisconsin, New Jersey, Kentucky, Missouri, and Pennsylvania.

Most of the drivers in the nation would not speed up to stop someone from passing them, except the drivers in Louisiana, Missouri and Georgia.

Moreover, the survey results revealed that the drivers between 51 years old to 64 years old are with the most courtesy when driving, yet the people under 25 drive the least courteous. Female drivers are more courteous than male drivers.

"The survey is part of the courteous driving awareness campaign launched for summer 2017 and aims to promote better driving habits.

Question and answer order were randomized. Based on the total population of adults per state the sampling error was about 12 percent with a confidence level of 90 percent," kars4kids.org said.

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