Austrian lower house paves way for early election in October

VIENNA, July 13 (Xinhua) -- The Austrian National Council officially shortened the current legislative period on Thursday to pave the way for the next federal election on Oct. 15, local media reported.

The nearly unanimous decision was made in the final session of the lower house before the summer break. All six parties voted in favor, and only two independent members of parliament (MPs) voted against.

All that remains for the early election to go ahead is approval from cabinet and the main committee of the lower house.

The minor parties of the National Council used the debate to criticize the grand coalition partners, the Social Democrats and the People's Party.

Leader of the far-right Freedom Party Heinz-Christian Strache said the two parties were responsible for many of the current problems in Austria, mass immigration in particular.

Greens member Albert Steinhauser criticized a general shift to the right, for which his party could be a viable solution come election time. Enditem

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