U.S. university researchers simplify incorporation of nitrogen into molecules

HOUSTON, July 13 (Xinhua) -- A research team of the Rice University in Texas state found a way to incorporate nitrogen atoms into molecules in a single efficient step, which may help design for drugs and agricultural compounds.

According to a news release published recently by the Rice University, researchers who specializes in synthesizing reagents and intermediate molecules for the design and manufacture of drugs and other fine chemicals has delivered on a promise to generalize the synthesis of electrophilic (electron-poor) aminating agents.

Aminating agents are valuable building blocks that can incorporate nitrogen atoms into molecules in a single efficient step without the use of contaminating metals or catalysts.

László Kürti, Rice synthetic organic chemist, said the novel approach represents an operationally simple, scalable and environmentally friendly alternative to transition metal-catalyzed, carbon-nitrogen cross-coupling methods that are currently used to access structurally diverse amines.

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