Mumbai police book popular TV comedy group for posting offensive photo of Indian PM

NEW DELHI, July 15 (Xinhua) -- Police in Mumbai have filed a complaint against popular television comedy group All India Bakchod (AIB) for recently posting offensive content on Prime Minister Narendra Modiin an apparent dig at him for his frequent foreign visits.

AIB had Thursday posted an image of a look-alike of the prime minister at a railway station, along with a photo of Modi with a Snapchat dog filter, captioned #wanderlust.

The photo sparked nationwide outrage, with many taking to social media to condemn the so-called cheap humour and to call on the police to immediately book the AIB for "insulting" the prime minister and hurting national sentiment.

"With fame and power, comes great responsibility. As a comedian, u must know difference between joke, insult and hurting sentiments," wrote one on Twitter.

The Mumbai Police was quick to respond, saying the matter has been referred to its cyber cell for investigation. "Thank you for bringing this to our notice. We are forwarding this to the cyber police station," the cops tweeted.

"AIB has been charged with defamation and also under the Information Technology Act with an offence for which the punishment is up to three years in jail, besides a fine of 10,000 U.S. dollars," a senior police official said Saturday.

Facing huge backlash, AIB, known for its audacious videos and provocative humour, has deleted its post.

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