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A Chinese superstar’s love for Africa

Photot shows Chinese Superstar Daniel Wu and his wife Lisa's wedding ceremony in South Africa. [File photo:]

Photo shows Chinese superstar Daniel Wu and his wife Lisa's wedding ceremony in South Africa. [File photo:]

In recent years, South Africa’s tourism industry has boomed in exponential figures. Especially since it was voted as the most beautiful country in the world. The number of tourists from China that visit the Rainbow Nation has also increased a considerable amount.

One of the more notable individual that has fallen deeply in love with this country is the famous Chinese actor Daniel Wu (Wu Yin-Cho). Daniel Wu’s family was originally from Shanghai, but moved to America before he was born. Himself was born and raised in California and later moved to Hong Kong to pursue a career in entertainment after graduating from University of Oregon.

Daniel Wu is a true travel junkie. He has on many occasions stated that traveling brings him peace and has molded his character. His first encounter with South Africa is though his wife (then girlfriend) Lisa. Lisa owns a remote property without any modern amenities in a rural area. She brought him there to experience the unique African culture and become more in tune with nature. The property is a small traditional thatch roof hut surrounded by similar homes all around.

It was then that he fell completely in love with her and with the country. They traveled to South Africa for their wedding and hosted a ceremony with distinctive African influences. The master of ceremony is from the local community and the event was attended by the local residences. This is a big contrast to the extravagant weddings held by other Chinese celebrities. Since then he’s visited South Africa on numerous occasions for holiday.

[ Editor: Wang Peiyao ]