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People’s Daily Comments: So cool! Students receive admission letters written with Chinese writing brush


Nearly 800 new pupils of Lianhua Elementary School in Hefei, Anhui province, is reported to have received a unique gift: an admission letter in which their names are written by teachers using Chinese writing brush. Similarly, Shaanxi Normal University has been sending their freshmen calligraphy admission letters for eleven years. Several former professors in their 70s take about a week writing the more than 4,500 admission letters every year.

(Photo/People's Daily)

It is believed in China that “handwriting is the man,” which means good handwriting can not only cultivate one’s temperament, but can also reflect one’s literacy and disposition. At present, traditional calligraphy has again become a compulsory lesson in many Chinese primary and middle schools, which aim to enhance students’ cultural competence. At the same time, parents are attaching great importance to children’s calligraphy practice. It is fair to say that calligraphy is not left out in today’s fast-paced society; instead, its incomparable value is standing out.

As Chinese traditional culture has been experiencing a renaissance in recent years, calligraphy has quickly gained widespread popularity as a stylish social activity. Old friends make inscriptions for each other during gatherings; hand-written couplets are trendy gifts sent to neighbors in the new year; and a large number of calligraphy-lovers meet friends and exchange thoughts through calligraphy-related events and platforms, and hold calligraphy exhibitions from time to time, providing the public with a cultural feast.

The charm of Chinese traditional culture embodied in calligraphy can always strike a chord with writers and viewers. Do you have any interest in learning it?

[ Editor: Wang Peiyao ]