China to adopt new textbooks emphasizing sovereignty education

A new series of textbooks will be adopted in China’s elementary and middle schools in September, with an emphasis on fostering children’s awareness of national sovereignty.

The textbooks, which have been compiled and supervised by over 900 experts since 2012, cover three subjects, including Chinese language, history, and moral and legal education. The books focus on educating children about sovereignty and maritime issues, and will be adopted by schools nationwide starting from Sept. 1.

According to an announcement released by China’s Ministry of Education on Aug. 28, the new Chinese language textbooks include around 40 texts on China’s revolutionary heroes and traditions, while many stories featuring the country’s magnificent landscapes and Chinese people’s enthusiasm to defend national territories have also been added to the textbooks.

The new history textbooks will require students to establish a correct conception of history, as well as have a better understanding of China’s national unity and ethnic harmony. Historical facts and materials proving China’s legitimate sovereignty over Tibet, Xinjiang, Taiwan, and islands in the South China Sea are included in the textbooks, reported

The moral and legal textbooks will help elementary students to have a good grasp of over 30 laws and regulations, while the number for middle school students is 50, the report added.

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