Volkswagen recalls 281,000 cars for fuel pump failures

CHICAGO, Aug. 29 (Xinhua) -- German automaker Volkswagen announced on Tuesday that it will recall nearly 281,000 vehicles in the United States due to fuel pump failures which could cause the cars to stall.

The recall covers certain four-cylinder 2009-2016 Volkswagen CC, 2006-2010 Volkswagen Passat and Passat Wagon models, according to National Highway Traffic Safety Administration documents.

The fuel pump failures are caused by an interruption in the electrical power supply to the fuel pump control modules that cause the engines to stall. In addition, the fuel pump may run constantly and cause a drained battery.

Volkswagen said repair parts of those vehicles aren't available and it plans to mail recall notice to owners on Oct. 13 of this year. Once replacement parts are available, dealers will replace the fuel pump module in affected vehicles free of charge.

[ Editor: Liu Jiaming ]


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