10 militants killed in southwestern Pakistan

ISLAMABAD, Sept. 1 (Xinhua) -- At least 10 militants were killed after security forces launched an armed offensive in Pakistan's southwest Balochistan Province, local media reported Friday.

Paramilitary troops Frontier Corps conducted the operation in Harnai area of the province on Thursday, the reports said, adding that the militants were killed after a furious exchange of fire between security forces and the insurgents.

Three hideouts were destroyed in the operation that was launched on an intelligence tip-off regarding presence of suspected elements in the area.

A huge cache of arms and ammunition were also recovered from the hideouts of the militants who were associated with some proscribed organization.

The killed militants were reportedly involved in bomb explosions, target killings and other terrorist and criminal activities in the province.

Earlier on Aug. 14, eight soldiers were killed and several others injured in a bomb explosion in the very same area.

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