Discarded ships in Hainan become ‘offshore library’

Three discarded ships in Xidao Island, southern China’s Hainan province, have been transformed into an “offshore library.” It has been hailed by the 4,000 residents on the island.

According to Qin Jiayi, the initiator of the library, it is the first public library on Xidao Island. Currently, it comprises about 2,000 books, and Qin plans to double the collection.

With a history of more than 400 years, Xidao Island covers an area of 2.86 square kilometers. The 4,000 residents on the island all make a living by fishing.

The island is a famous tourist attraction. In addition to enriching the spiritual life of the residents, the library will also attract more tourists.

[ Editor: WPY ]


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