Facts &figures about China's major-country diplomacy: China's participation in UN peace-keeping missions

Editor's Note: China is rolling out a major documentary series on its diplomatic principles, practices and achievements over the past five years. The English-language version of the program is now also available on TV and online. To help audience better understand Chinese diplomacy, Xinhua is releasing a variety of reports that include anecdotes, quotable quotes, facts and figures.

BEIJING, Sept. 12 (Xinhua) -- The following are a set of numbers related to China's participation in the United Nations' peacekeeping missions:

2,500 -- Currently there are some 2,500 Chinese peacekeepers serving in 10 UN missions across the globe, making China the top contributor of peacekeepers to the UN.

2 -- China is also the second largest contributor to UN peacekeeping funds.

8,000 -- China pledged in 2015 to set up a standby peacekeeping force of 8,000 troops and the first such peacekeeping team of 300 troops was enlisted by the UN in July 2017.

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