Qatar misses no oil, gas shipment since Gulf rift: minister

DOHA, Sep. 12 (Xinhua) -- Qatar's Energy Minister Mohammed al-Sada said on Tuesday his country had not missed any oil or gas shipments despite the blockade imposed by gulf countries, QNA news agency reported.

Speaking at the "Diplomatic Salon" organized by the Diplomatic Institute of Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Minister of Energy and Industry Dr Mohamed al-Sada confirmed that Qatar continued supplying oil and gas to its clients worldwide.

"During this blockade, we have never missed a single shipment of oil or gas to any of our partners," he added.

"That shows how committed Qatar is, not only to our economy and reliability, but also to the consuming countries because this is a very strategic commodity," Sada said.

The gulf crisis erupted June 5 when Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Egypt and the United Arab Emirates cut ties with Doha over allegations that Qatar funds extremists and has close ties with Iran. Doha denies the charges.

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