Turkey to roll out new cyber security strategy

ANKARA, Sept. 12 (Xinhua) -- Turkish government will unveil a new cyber security plan to counter growing domestic and global threats, local Daily Sabah reported on Tuesday.

Transportation, Shipping and Information Minister Ahmet Arslan said Turkey was working on the National Cyber Security Strategy and Action Plan, a fresh and comprehensive initiative to fight against internet attacks and ensure nationwide cyber security.

The plan will involve five strategic objectives, 41 separate action topics and 167 practical steps to make Turkey in line with the best global practices, according to the minister.

The National Computer Emergency Response Center was founded to coordinate public-private cooperation to combat cybercrime. 720 private sector-based Computer Emergency Response Teams have also been set up.

Moreover, the ministry will launch one drill this year to assess the capabilities of Turkey's cyber defense against national threats, Arslan said.

The establishment of a local interconnection platform, a cyber security glossary and an online cyber security training simulator are also on the agenda.

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