Libya deports more migrants: official

TRIPOLI, Sept. 12 (Xinhua) -- Dozens of migrants were deported from Libya's Tripoli on Tuesday, Tripoli's anti-illegal immigration department said.

The department said 53 migrants from Niger and 24 others from Bangladesh returned home voluntarily in coordination with the international organization for migration (IOM).

The department last week deported 110 others back to Guinea, and 135 Nigerian migrants were deported on July 17. All the migrants returned home voluntarily with the help of IOM, the department confirmed.

The uprising of 2011 in Libya caused chaos and security, with massive flows of migrants using the country as a transfer station to Europe.

The IOM said thousands of migrants have reached European shores in 2017 so far, while many others have drowned on the way.

Migrants who were rescued offshore by Libyan coastguards are detained in reception centers with poor conditions.

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