Czech president refuses again to accept migrants after meeting with his German counterpart

PRAGUE, Sept. 12 (Xinhua) -- Czech President Milos Zeman refused again to accept migrants in the country after meeting with his German counterpart Frank-Walter Steinmeier on Tuesday. He called for aids in the countries where the refugees origin.

Zeman said he refused to accept refugees even if the Czech Republic were paid for them by European institutions, saying that he has strong doubts about the compatibility of the Muslim-type migrants' culture with the European culture.

He also dismissed the allegation that Prague did not show its solidarity with other European countries in the migrant crisis, adding that the Czech Republic was spending money on development aid in the migrants' countries of origin.

He said he can imagine a very efficient help from European states in these countries in the spheres of power supplies, water sources, schools, hospitals and others.

For his part, German President Steinmeier also spoke of assistance in the countries of migrant origin, noting they must naturally give the migrants a reason why they would like to stay in the countries where they come from, this means to contribute to economic growth and ensure the rule of law in the countries where migrants origin.

But he also called for European countries to respect the decision of the European Court of Justice (ECJ), which turned down the lawsuits filed by Hungary and Slovakia against the EU's migrant distribution quotas and confirmed the validity of a program of redistribution of 120,000 migrants across the EU.

The Hungarian government on Wednesday harshly criticized the ruling of the ECJ concerning the relocation scheme of migrants, calling it "irresponsible" and "outrageous".

Meanwhile, Slovakia said it respects the ECJ's decision to reject its and Hungary's lawsuits against the temporary quota mechanism for the distribution of migrants.

However, according to Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico, the Slovak government's stance towards migrants and the mandatory distribution quota system hadn't changed.

The mandatory scheme concerning migrants adopted in 2015 stipulates the distribution of 120,000 migrants from Greece and Italy to other EU member countries.

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