Mandarin fever indicates bullish bet on China’s future

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The first bilingual Chinese-English school in Europe, Kensington Wade, recently opened in London, which is an epitome of the Mandarin fever among people around the world, indicating their bullish bet on China’s future, People’s Daily reported on Oct. 12.

The parents who send their children to the school believe that mastering Chinese will bring more opportunities for their children’s development.

People around the world hope to know about China and Chinese civilization through learning Chinese language with the continuous improvement of China’s international influence over the years.

Statistics shows that the number of people learning Mandarin worldwide has surged from 30 to 100 million since 2004.

The US-based nonprofit organization American Councils for International Education says that the number of primary and secondary students who learn Mandarin in the US doubled from 2009 to 2015. French media also noted that the number in France quadrupled in the past decade.

In addition, South Africa, Mauritius, Tanzania, Cameroon, and Zambia have all included Chinese in their national education system since 2016.

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