Hungarian opposition party calls for investigation into Soros plan

BUDAPEST, Oct. 12 (Xinhua) -- Hungarian opposition party Jobbik (radical nationalist) reported Hungarian-born U.S. billionaire George Soros to the police to find out if the so-called Soros-plan, which is at the heart of an ongoing campaign of the Hungarian government, existed at all, the party said here on Thursday.

"If the police does not start an investigation, the government and Prime Minister Viktor Orban will have an official paper saying that what they do is nothing but a huge brainwash, a huge lie," party spokesman Adam Mirkoczki said, quoted by Hungarian news agency MTI.

On Oct. 1, the Hungarian government launched a so-called national consultation, composed of seven questions regarding a supposed plan of Soros aimed at convincing the European Union to take in at least 1 million immigrants from Africa and the Middle East into the European Union, including Hungary.

Although Soros did speak about letting in refugees from warn-torn countries such as Syria, Iraq or Afghanistan in 2015, he has since modified and revised his suggestions that were in no way officially adopted by the European Union.

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