Czech police accuses 26 people of drug dealing

PRAGUE, Oct. 12 (Xinhua) -- Czech police have accused 26 people of producing and distributing pervitin in Zlin, South Moravia and North Moravia regions in the country, said Petr Petrzelka, head of the General Crime Department of the Zlin region police on Thursday.

The accused included 20 men and six women. Petrzelka told a press conference that ten of the accused will be prosecuted in custody, and the offenders are facing up to ten years in jail.

The police uncovered five drug labs in the Zlin region during house searches earlier this month. Besides pervitin, they seized laboratory equipment, a large amount of chemical substances and other things that could originate from criminal activities. The group also distributed marijuana.

According to Petrzelka, the main perpetrators were residing in the Uherske Hradiste area in Zlin region. A 44-year-old man from Uherske Hradiste was the head of the gang, he has criminal record. Other gang members have been involved in drug cases that were investigated last year and the year before.

Lenka Javorkova, spokeswoman for the Zlin region police, said it was one of the key gangs in the region.

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