UN chief welcomes Fatah-Hamas reconciliation deal

UNITED NATIONS, Oct. 12 (Xinhua) -- UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres on Thursday welcomed the signing of a reconciliation agreement between the rival factions of Fatah and Hamas in Palestine, under which Hamas-ruled Gaza Strip will be handed over to Fatah by Dec. 1.

In a telephone call with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, Guterres congratulated him on the Egypt-brokered agreement signed earlier Thursday in Cairo.

"The secretary-general was encouraged by the recent progress in allowing the Palestinian government to take up its responsibilities in Gaza, and welcomed the efforts of Egypt to achieve this goal," the office of Guterres' spokesman said in a readout of the telephone conversation.

Guterres reiterated that the United Nations stands ready to continue working with the Palestinian authorities and the region in support of the government in assuming its responsibilities in Gaza, said the readout.

The secretary-general emphasized the continuing need to urgently address the humanitarian crisis in Gaza, particularly with regard to the electricity crisis, and improved access to and from the territory, it said.

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