Poverty alleviation and reduction: no one should be left behind


How important is a canal to them?

With it, a village deep in the mountains thrives.

How important is a cable to them?

With it, local specialties from out-of-the-way gullies are now popular on urban dinner tables.

Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, 55.64 million people have been brought out of poverty, the equivalent of a large European nation.

In the vast expanse of China, countless villages have changed their looks, countless people have changed their fates.

 Poverty was a common memory of generations of us.

More than 700 million have been lifted out of poverty in China in the 39 years of reform and opening up, which is the most brilliant transcript in human history.

Helping less fortunate brothers and sisters is our common wish, and the determination of the party and the government.

 Every morning, every starry night...

With their diligence and wisdom, the Chinese have launched a charge against fate.

Across the country, 775,000 anti-poverty cadres fought alongside the people.

 Where there are people in trouble, there are them.

Busying themselves in the fields, they bring new paths to prosperity.

 Every high mountain, every river, is engraved with the Chinese people's bravery and tenacity.

The new countryside of scenic beauty becomes "Internet celebrity", and rural catering becomes a booming industry.

Entrepreneurship courses teach people the Midas touch.

With increasing financing, even the poor no longer need to worry about feeding and clothing themselves, or seeing a doctor.

 The haze of poverty is being swept away by wisdom and sweat, yesterday's dreams are no longer unattainable.

 Achieving common prosperity is an essential requirement of socialism.

 One may walk alone fast, yet farther in a crowd.

Let the family of 1.3 billion work together, on way to moderate prosperity, and let no one fall behind!

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