China eyes more civilians working with its military

China has revised a regulation on civilian personnel in the military in a bid to attract more talented people to work for the country's armed forces.

The revised regulation, made public Friday, was jointly issued by the State Council and the Central Military Commission (CMC). The regulation states the duties, status, assignments and treatment of relevant personnel.

According to the revision, civilian personnel in the military refers to those who work in management or professional technical posts. They would perform their duties in peace time and would work on active service if necessary.

The State Council and the CMC first issued a regulation on the issue in 2005.

"The revision of the regulation is aimed to expand the scope of posts of civilian personnel, optimize the personnel structure, save human resource costs and attract more talented people to the military," according to a statement issued by the military and civilian personnel bureau under the CMC Political Work Department.

The revised regulation is also expected to help build a high-quality and professional talent pool for the military.

It said the revision was meant to solve problems with human resource policies regarding civilian personnel, such as understaffing, unscientific management, unclear career paths, and unattractive salary and welfare, which had resulted in difficulties in recruiting and retaining high-level personnel for the military.

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