Hungary's PM confident about next year's elections

BUDAPEST, Nov. 12 (Xinhua) -- Hungary's conservative Prime Minister Viktor Orban gave a confident speech ahead of next year's general elections here on Sunday, on the 27th Congress of his party Fidesz that reelected him as party president.

"Fidesz is ready for the elections today," Orban told amid applause of his party members.

The reelected party leader explained that his party had three tasks in the future: to reinforce the results of the past seven years, to deepen the intellectual foundations of its policy, and to defend Hungary's future.

"We need another four years to reinforce our results, to make them irreversible," he declared, adding that the popular mood was "not for a change of government, but for a change of the opposition."

Indeed, Orban is largely leading almost all polls, as his opposition is very scattered.

Orban is also known to be a fervent critic of the European Union.

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