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Architect of stilted house of Tujia people


Architect Tan Zunzhu measures for building a stilted house in Zhushan Township of Xuan'en County of Enshi Tujia and Miao Autonomous Prefecture, central China's Hubei Province, Dec. 2, 2017. The 70-year-old Tan Zunzhu is an architect of stilted house and he built more than 200 stilted houses in his 55-year career. The construction technique of stilted houses of the Tujia ethnic group was listed as one of the national intangible cultural heritages in 2011. The stilted house of Tujia people is constructed in such a way as to overhang the water and be supported by many wooden pillars. The building structure can deliver the inhabitants from miasma, poisonous vegetation and venomous snakes. (Xinhua/Song Wen)

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