Texas farming to bounce back after hurricane: governor

HOUSTON, Dec. 4 (Xinhua) -- Texas Governor Greg Abbott said Monday that although Hurricane Harvey hit the farming industry in Texas, he believed the industry will bounce back soon.

Attending the 84th annual gathering of the Texas Farm Bureau Convention n Frisco, Texas, Abbott said "while the farming community has certainly taken a hit in the aftermath of Harvey, it is the strength and spirit of Texas farmers that assures me we will bounce back even stronger than before."

Commenting on farmer's role in Texas' economy, Abbott said not only do they produce the food on people' s tables, but they also help drive the economic success of this state.

"As Governor, I will continue to be a fierce defender of the rights and advocate for the issues that allow our agricultural industry to succeed," he continued.

The Texas Farm Bureau Convention hosts farmers and ranchers from across the state to address issues that impact Texas agriculture. This year's convention included farmers and ranchers from 206 county Farm Bureaus in Texas.

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