Morocco's king, Abbas discuss U.S. decision to relocate embassy in Israel to Jerusalem

RABAT, Dec. 5 (Xinhua) -- Morocco's King Mohammed VI and Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas discussed over phone on Tuesday U.S. decision to move its embassy in Israel to Jerusalem, the king's office said in a statement.

King Mohammed VI, the chairman of the Organization of Islamic Coorperation's Al Quds Committee, reiterated the kingdom's "strong and unwavering support for the brotherly Palestinian people in defending their just cause and legitimate rights, mainly concerning the status of Jerusalem."

The king "voiced his flat refusal of any action that could undermine the multi-religious aspect of the holy city or alter its legal and political status," the statement added.

The Palestinian president, on his part, hailed the king's role and action, and deplored the fact that the U.S. administration's agenda includes such "inappropriate initiative."

He expressed the deep concern of the Palestinian authority over the consequences of this matter on the peace process in the Middle East and the region's security and stability, the statement noted.

The two leaders agreed to maintain direct contacts and continuous consultations on this issue, as well as a close coordination between the two governments to set, together, steps to take and actions to undertake, it added.

The king has warned U.S. President Donald Trump over the relocation intention, saying that the legal status of Jerusalem "needs to be preserved and nothing should be undertaken that might affect its current political status."

The king highlighted the paramount importance of the city of Jerusalem, not only to the parties to the conflict, but also to the followers of the three religions, underlining that the city should remain a land as a symbol of coexistence and tolerance among all people.

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