Brazil's solar power generation reaches one gigawatt

RIO DE JANEIRO, Jan. 9 (Xinhua) -- Brazil's solar power generation has reached the mark of one gigawatt, putting Brazil among the 30 countries in the world which can generate over one gigawatt from solar sources, Brazil's state-run news agency Agencia Brasil reported on Tuesday.

The solar power that Brazil generates can feed the consumption of two million Brazilians, according to the Brazilian Association of Solar Power (Absolar).

"Brazil is more than 15 years late in the use of photovoltaic solar energy. We can stay among the main countries of the world in this market, as we are in hydroelectric power, biomass and wind power," Absolar President Rodrigo Sauaia was quoted as saying by Agencia Brasil.

Brazil's solar power generation is still below its potential, said Sauaia, adding Brazil needs a nationwide program to accelerate the development of solar power in the country.

Brazil traditionally relies on hydroelectric power plants and bio-energy. It also has significant potential in developing wind and solar power.

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