U.S. teacher handcuffed after questioning superintendent's pay raise

WASHINGTON, Jan.9 (Xinhua) -- A teacher was handcuffed at a public school board meeting in the U.S. southern state of Louisiana on Monday night after she questioned her superintendent's 38,000-dollar pay raise even though teachers and support staff have not seen a hike in their salaries for years.

In dramatic video posted by KATC-TV, Rene Rost Middle School English teacher Deyshia Hargrave was asked to leave the Vermilion Parish school board meeting. In the hallway, a law officer pushed her to the ground and slapped her on the silver bracelets.

"Stop resisting," the officer warns in cell phone footage aired by KATC.

"I'm not - you just pushed me to the floor," Hargrave responded.

Before leaving the meeting, Hargrave told district Superintendent Jerome Puyau that it was "a slap in the face" to all the teachers that the school board was considering a 38,000-dollar raise for him or any person of leadership.

She was told she was out of order and then removed from the meeting and handcuffed outside.

The school board does not plan to press charges against the teacher, according to KATC.

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