Illegal migrants in Slovakia hits record high in 2017

BRATISLAVA, Jan. 9 (Xinhua) -- Slovak police said on Tuesday that the country in 2017 recorded the highest number of illegal migrants in Slovakia in the last ten years since the country joined the Schengen area.

Slovak Police Corps President Tibor Gaspar told a press conference on Tuesday that a total of 2,706 illegal migrants were detected in Slovakia last year, compared with 2,170 in 2016.

"In view of visa liberalisation and the current conditions on the Slovak labour market, it's assumed that this number will continue to go up," said Gaspar.

The Slovak police filed charges against 107 people for the criminal offence of people smuggling in 2017.

"The police are really interested in discovering as many such cases as possible and in being effective. I'm glad that we've also been successful in revealing organised groups," added Gaspar.

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