Afghan forces evict Taliban militants in northern district, destroy bazaar named after Taliban founder

TALUQAN, Afghanistan, Feb. 9 (Xinhua) -- After evicting Taliban militants from a major district in the northern Takhar province, the Afghan security forces begun destroying a bazaar named after Taliban founder Mullah Mohammad Omar, the provincial police spokesman said Friday.

"The security forces after defeating Taliban rebels and clearing militants from several villages in Darqad district begun bulldozing Omari Bazaar and 30 percent of the bazaar has already been destroyed," spokesman Abdul Khalil Asir told Xinhua.

Asir also noted that the Taliban militants during their reign illegally occupied the land and constructed a bazaar there unlawfully to consolidate their grip.

Scores of Taliban militants, according to the official, have been killed and injured over the past few days of operations in Darqad district, some 100 km north of provincial capital Taluqan city.

Taliban militants have not commented on the report.

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