Brazil to offer jobs to Venezuelan immigrants

RIO DE JANEIRO, Feb. 8 (Xinhua) -- Brazil's Justice Minister Torquato Jardim announced on Thursday a project to offer jobs to Venezuelan immigrants who cross the border to the northern region of Brazil.

The minister made the announcement while visiting Boa Vista, capital city of the state of Roraima, which borders Venezuela. Over the past few months the state has received a significant number of Venezuelan immigrants fleeing poverty and unemployment in their home country.

Venezuela has been plagued by a crippling economic crisis where rampant inflation as well as commodity shortages have left ordinary people in poverty and starvation.

According to local authorities, immigrants now account for over 10 percent of Boa Vista's population because of the influx. The number of Venezuelan nationals living in the city is believed to have reached 40,000.

Jardim said the Brazilian government plans to spread the immigrants to other states and employ qualified workers. A large portion of the immigrants have a college education, and the government said it will officially recognize academic diplomas.

A census of Venezuelan immigrants will also be conducted to help the government determine the need for education, public healthcare and vaccination, among others.

"It is a pioneer project. We will do what is possible to absorb the Venezuelan workforce. After all, we are the eighth largest economy in the world," Jardim said.

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