Sirens wail throughout Israel amid military drill on war preparedness

JERUSALEM, March 13 (Xinhua) -- Sirens wailed throughout Israel on Tuesday as a military exercise was conducted nationwide to evaluate the country's war preparedness.

The drill, dubbed "Solid Stand," is led by the military's Home Front Command.

In the drill, which simulates a scenario in which Israel is attacked by missiles, sirens went throughout the country and alerts were broadcast on television, radio and online channels, as well as in special devices for hearing-impaired people.

Israeli citizens were asked to go to protected shelters in their workplaces, homes, or schools.

The drill is part of a larger exercise of the military's general staff to enhance its ability to respond to emergencies, which began on Sunday.

The exercise is designed to enhance the military headquarters' response to a variety of emergencies and warfare scenarios, with an aim to improve the readiness and operational communication among the commands, the Israeli army said in a statement Sunday.

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