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Is there room for one more? Hundreds of daredevil tourists swarm onto the world's longest glass bridge which sways at 755 feet high

If you ever wonder how popular glass-bottomed bridges are in China, take a look at these pictures.

A recently opened walkway has welcomed as many as 20,000 tourists a day who hope to enjoy thrilling scenery at 755 feet high.

A set of pictures taken on March 20 show the popular tourist attraction situated in Hebei Province was so busy that one could barely see the sheer drop below.

Not for the faint hearted: The world's longest glass-bottomed bridge is loaded with tourists who've come to enjoy the view

Spectacular: The bridge, weighing 70 tonnes, is suspended between to cliff faces and paved with 1,077 glass panels

The 1,601-foot-long bridge in the Hongyagu Scenic Area opened to the public in December.

It is the longest glass bridge in the world and is designed to 'sway a little' when tourists walk on it, according to precious reports on Chinese state media.

A spokesperson of the scenic area told MailOnline that bridge is 'very safe', adding that more and more people are visiting the attraction now that the weather is getting warm.

The spokesperson said the bridge could support a maximum of 1,000 people.

However, to ensure safety the management would only allow 600 tourists to stand on it at any one time.

Don't look down! The 1,601-foot-long glass-bottomed bridge opened on December 24 in the Hongyagu Scenic Area in China

Daredevils: Tourists jump on the transparent suspension bridge which has been designed to sway 755 feet above the ground

On the day the pictures were taken, between 7,000 and 8,000 people crossed the bridge, according to the spokesperson. During the Lunar Chinese New Year last month, up to 20,000 people flocked to the attraction a day.

The transparent footpath is 191 feet longer than the previous record holder, which is also in China.

The 6.5-foot-wide walkway hangs 755 feet above the ground between two cliffs, roughly the height of a 66-storey building.

Record-breaking: The spectacular footpath is the longest glass bridge in the world, breaking the previous record by 191 feet

Smile, you're on camera: Tourists pose for photos on the see-through walkway suspended over a beautiful canyon

The spectacular tourist attraction is paved with 1,077 glass panels, reported People's Daily Online, citing China Daily. Each of the panels is 1.5 inches thick and the whole bridge weighs 70 tonnes.

The most thrilling feature of the bridge could be its 'swaying sensation'.

Hebei Bailu Group, the company that built the bridge, told local reporters that they hoped the swinging motion could entertain the visitors as they take in the breath-taking scenery on the vertigo-inducing path.

Previously, the world's longest glass bridge measured 1,410 feet long and is situated in the Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon in Hunan Province, southern China.

After its grand opening in August, 2016, the glass-bottomed bridge was forced to close just 13 days after because of an overwhelming number of tourists. Apparently, thousands of people had flocked to stand on the 984-foot-high structure every day, causing safety concerns.

Previously, the world's longest glass bridge (pictured) measured 1,410ft long and is situated in the Zhangjiajie, China

The glass-bottomed bridge in Zhangjiajie was forced to close 13 days after its grand opening in 2016 due to safety concerns

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