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Tea production helps villagers shake off poverty

Photo taken on April 15, 2018 shows Tongmu Village of Wuyi Mountain, southeast China's Fujian Province. Located in the natural reserve of the Wuyi Mountain, Tongmu is a remote village with an elevation of nearly a thousand meters. Thanks to the abundant vegetation resources, local villagers began to produce black tea in recent years. 55-year-old Jiang Yuanxun is a native tea grower in the village. He has developed a business model and attracts more and more people in the production of black tea. In 2017, the annual per capita income of the village reached 20,810 yuan (about 3,311 U.S. dollars). Jiang has introduced the method of tea production to other villages of China, helping tea growers shake off poverty and increase income. (Xinhua/Zhang Guojun)

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