Chongqing SWM head coach Paulo Bento receives 2-game suspension

CHONGQING, May 17 (Xinhua) -- Chongqing SWM head coach Paulo Bento was handed a two-game suspension by the disciplinary committee of the Chinese Football Association on Wednesday.

The former Portugal coach has recently been appointed as head coach to replace South Korea's Chang Woe-Ryong, with a task of keeping the club's top-flight status and helping develop young talent for the future.

However, Bento has blamed referees for their losses, losing his temper and yelling at a referee during a home match against Tianjin Quanjian. Bento and his assistant coach filed a complaint to the game supervision after their losing game to Shanghai Shenhua.

Chongqing SWM has lost four games in a row as of now, and its prime mission is to avoid relegation. And Bento's position will likely be in jeopardy if the side loses one more game.

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