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Pic story: tradition for nomadic herdsman to transfer livestocks in summer

Aodunhu, Erden's wife, packs their living households before transfer at the Ar Horqin Banner in Chifeng City, north China's Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, June 4, 2018. June 5 was the day for Erden's family to move their cattle to a summer pasture, about 40 kilometers away from their family. It is a tradition for nomadic herdsmen spending their lives following the water and pasture. The transfer provides cattle and sheep abundant food and enables the grassland to renew itself. Erden and his sister drive their trucks loaded with living households and lead over 80 cattle towards the summer pasture. After 12 hours' arduous journey, they arrived at their destination and prepared to set up yurt. They will stay here for a whole summer and return to their family in September. (Xinhua/Peng Yuan)

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