Finance minister says Brazilian economy recovers after truckers' strike

RIO DE JANEIRO, June 11 (Xinhua) -- Brazil's Finance Minister Eduardo Guardia said on Monday that the country's economy has already managed to recover from the losses caused by the truckers' strike in May.

The 10-day nationwide strike paralyzed all fuel transportation in the country, as well as most transportation of food and other products.

Truck drivers were protesting against the high diesel fuel price, which skyrocketed since the government changed the pricing policies of state-owned oil company Petrobras.

In order to get the truckers back to work, the government offered cuts in diesel fuel prices and suspended some of the taxes applied to fuel.

"There is no doubt the strike caused losses to the country. It paralyzed the country for 10 days, there were supply problems; it affected several sectors of the economy, including truckers' own activity. But what we must discuss now is the impact of all that, and the numbers I saw were very positive," Guardia said.

Guardia called the strike an isolated incident. "During the strike, the economy was practically paralyzed, so there are losses for several sectors. Now the economy is back on track and has resumed a growth trajectory," the minister added.

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