Taliban overruns district, kills governor in N. Afghanistan's Faryab province

MAIMANA, Afghanistan, June 12 (Xinhua) -- Taliban militants, after fierce fighting, overran Kohistanat district in northern Afghanistan's Faryab province, killing the district governor, on Tuesday, provincial government spokesman Jawed Bidar said.

"Taliban militants launched fierce fighting in the wee hours of today on Kohistanat district and unfortunately the district was collapsed and its governor Abdul Rahman Panah was killed in the fire exchange," Bidar told Xinhua.

Both the Taliban and security forces suffered casualties in the fire fight, which lasted for hours, the official said without providing details.

Meanwhile, Sibghatullah Silab, the deputy to Provincial Council of Faryab, confirmed the fall of Kohistanat district, saying that the district governor Abdul Rahman Panah along with eight of his men were killed during the Taliban raid on the district headquarters.

Taliban militants, who launched a deadly offensive on Muqar district in eastern Ghazni province on the same day, haven't commented on the news.

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