Brazilian Workers' Party to fight ruling against Lula's release

SAO PAULO, July 8 (Xinhua) -- Brazil's left-leaning Workers' Party (PT) on Sunday said it will fight a judicial ruling that prevents its presidential candidate Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva from leaving prison.

The announcement came hours after one federal judge overruled a decision by another federal judge that called for the former president's release.

Paulo Pimenta, head of the PT's legislative bloc in the Chamber of Deputies, told reporters at a press conference that they are going to appeal to the higher courts.

The dispute between the two judicial authorities has led to a "rupture of the Constitution," Pimenta said.

Pimenta accused Judge Sergio Moro, who overruled the release, and members of the federal police of colluding to prevent the execution of the earlier decision made by Judge Rogerio Favreto.

"It is important to know that Moro told federal police not to comply with the order. That is illegal and a sign of anarchy in the judicial branch," said Wadih Damous, the PT deputy and lawyer who on Friday submitted a new appeal on Lula's behalf.

Sunday's judicial impasse was the latest twist in the legal saga that has derailed Lula's ambition to run for a third term in the presidential elections in October.

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