Many Vietnamese high school students get bad marks for History, English at national exam

HANOI, July 12 (Xinhua) -- Among six subjects at the 2018 national final exam taken by Vietnamese high school students in June, the lowest average mark comes from History, 3.79, followed by English, 3.91, local media reported on Thursday.

Regarding the History test, up to 83.24 percent of examinees got below-average marks (below 5 marks out of the 10-mark scale), online newspaper VietNamNet quoted statistics from the Vietnamese Ministry of Education and Training as reporting.

The most popular mark for the History test was 3.25. Up to 527 students had the mark of zero, and 11 gained the absolute mark of 10.

Concerning the English test, 78.22 percent of examinees received below-average marks. The most popular mark was 3; up to 732 students were given the mark of zero; and 76 grabbed the mark of 10.

Up to 97.57 percent of examinees nationwide passed the national final exam, daily newspaper Tien Phong (Pioneer) quoted the ministry as reporting. Hanoi capital, Ho Chi Minh City, and northern Hai Phong city reported the exam-passing rate of more than 98 percent.

The three-day exam, taken by over 900,000 students in late June, was of significance because its results were used for both high school graduation and university entrance consideration, said the ministry.

Examinees did four tests with a total of six subjects, including literature, maths and foreign language, and either a group of three natural science subjects or a groups of three social science subjects.

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