London to stage inaugural Athletics World Cup

LONDON, July 13 (Xinhua) -- The inaugural Athletics World Cup will be staged in London this weekend.

The competition comes from the stated drive of the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) president Sebastian Coe to attract new audiences with fresh ideas, utilising a format which provides non-stop action.

There will be eight competing nations, with one entrant per team in every male and female track and field event up to the 1500 meters.

Points tallied up at the close of two days at the London Stadium will determine which country lifts the platinum winners' trophy.

Britain, the United States, Jamaica, South Africa, China, Germany, France and Poland all qualified as the top eight in the medal standings at the 2017 IAAF world championships, also in London, and will share the $2 million (£1.42m) prize fund.

"The athletes from the eight teams competing at Athletics World Cup have around 150 Olympic and world medals between them," said UK Athletics major events director Cherry Alexander.

"There are 28 Olympic and world champions, with 43 Olympic and world titles between them, so we know there is a huge appetite to compete from the top athletes."

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