300 called to account in government website spot check

BEIJING, Aug. 7 (Xinhua) -- Three hundred people were called to account during a spot check on government websites in the second quarter, the State Council said on its website.

According to the circular on the results, all 300 people were connected to government websites that failed the checks. Among them, 190 were asked to hold talks with their superiors, 32 wrote self-examinations, 68 were publicly criticized, seven were removed from posts, two were given intra-Party warnings and one was suspended from post.

As of June 1, there were 22,206 government websites operating nationwide, 441 of which were spot-checked by the office on the transparency of government affairs under the General Office of the State Council, with 96 percent of them passing the check.

Up to 12,286 local government websites were checked by their respective local authorities, with a passing rate of 97 percent, the circular said.

A platform that allows the public to spot errors on government websites received 15,885 valid messages in the second quarter, and 99 percent of them have been handled.

The circular also unveiled several major problems for some websites, including lack of management, low quality of services, difficult website access.

The State Council thus asked local authorities to strengthen their regular supervision over government websites, enhance the websites' capabilities to serve netizens and improve the management of government affairs on new media.

[ Editor: Xueying ]


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