British teen hugs drowned boyfriend as his life support turned off

LONDON, Aug. 8 (Xinhua) -- The photo of a British teenage girl hugging her boyfriend goodbye before his life support was turned off has gone viral on the Internet recently.

Stephanie Ray, a 15-year-old girl from the town of Dudley in England, had to bid farewell to her 16-year-old boyfriend Blake Ward who was tragically swept out to sea last week.

Blake was one of the three teenagers rescued last Tuesday from the water in Tywyn, Gwynedd in northwest Wales after being swept out by currents during a family trip.

He was flown to a hospital in Liverpool and placed on life support.

Five days later, he died.

Stephane was at his side every second from when he was pulled from the sea until the moment doctors switched off the life support.

As a final goodbye, she climbed into his hospital bed and lay down next to him before he passed away.

Stephanie took to Facebook recently to share the heartbreaking photo.

"Today has been the hardest day for me and it will be a day I will never be able to forget," Stephanie wrote on Facebook alongside the photo.

"Blake was someone special to me and we had something special and we will always have that," she wrote.

"I will never forget you Blake. Fly high my baby boy and I'm gonna make you proud. Love you and I always will," she wrote.

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