El Salvador establishes diplomatic ties with China

El Salvador President Salvador Sanchez Ceren said late Monday that his country has established diplomatic ties with China.

"We are convinced that this is a step in the right direction, which corresponds to the principles of international law, international relations and the inevitable trends of our times," the president said in an address on national television.

In addition, the president said the establishment of diplomatic relations with China will stimulate political dialogue, stronger coordination in international affairs and cooperation between the two countries for mutual benefit.

El Salvador used to maintain "diplomatic relations" with Taiwan.

Chinese State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi and Salvadorean Foreign Minister Carlos Castaneda signed a joint communique in Beijing establishing diplomatic relations.

According to the communique, the El Salvador government severs "diplomatic relations" with Taiwan as of this day and undertakes not to have any more official relations or official exchanges with Taiwan.

"I believe the Salvadorean people will feel the Chinese people's friendship and hospitality and benefit from the two countries' cooperation," Wang said after the signing ceremony.

So far, 178 countries have established diplomatic ties with China.

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