Kenya looks to advance at volleyball worlds

NAIROBI, Sept. 13 (Xinhua) -- Kenya is expected to claim a few scalps at the volleyball world championships, in spite of missing out on international friendlies, head coach Japheth Munala said here Thursday.

"Kenya is parading a young team and we are not afraid to challenge the giants and carve our own niche. Nobody should rule us out," Munala told Xinhua.

Munala eyes at least two wins in the preliminary rounds to proceed to the next round.

Munala said that his team has been boosted with return to form of agile setter Jane Wacu, who has been nursing a fracture on her finger. The veteran setter was out injured alongside Sharon Chepchumba.

"It is good news because Wacu had a finger injury and has been out for a week and half. She is back in training having been given a go ahead by the doctors. Chepchumba had an injury on her wrist, she was attended to and so far she is already in the field," added Munala.

Kenya's prospects in international volleyball has dwindled in the past three years, but Munala believes they will accelerate their rise starting with the World Championships where they are paired in Group D together with Serbia, Brazil, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico and Kazakhstan.

Kenya last featured in the tournament in 2010. Africa's other team is continental champions Cameroon, who have pitched camp in France for training.

Kenya will play four warmup matches in Japan against select teams, which has been organized by former coach Sadatoshi Sugawara of Japan, who was in charge of Kenya team during the 2006 World Championships.

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