Bolsonaro thanks supporters, calls for mobilization in run-off

RIO DE JANEIRO, Oct. 7 (Xinhua) -- Brazilian presidential candidate Jair Bolsonaro on Sunday evening thanked voters for putting him in the second of the presidential election.

Bolsonaro, who won over 49 million votes in the first round but fell short of an absolute majority, said on his Facebook account that he will work to get more votes in the northeastern region, where he lost in all nine states.

In fact, it was only because the northeastern region gave the Workers' Party (PT) a massive lead that Bolsonaro did not get an outright victory in the first round.

"We lost in the northeast, but our vote count there was very good and I am sure that God will help us during the second round," he said.

Despite his notoriously aggressive stance, Bolsonaro claimed he is ready to unite Brazil.

"We have everything to be a great nation; we must unite our people, unite the shards the past governments transformed us into," he said. "United, we will be a great nation. Nobody has the potential we have."

Bolsonaro maintained his anti-left stance and said Brazil is on the verge of chaos and "cannot take another step to the left."

He also reiterated his criticism of the country's electronic ballots, saying that he is sure that the electronic ballots are the only reason he did not have a first round victory.

The final tally showed Bolsonaro won 46.1 percent of the votes while the runner-up Fernando Haddad had 29.1 percent.

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