Heavy rain kills 8 in Honduras

TEGUCIGALPA, Oct. 10 (Xinhua) -- Heavy rain in Honduras has left at least eight people dead and caused floods affecting 15,000 others, Honduran authorities said on Wednesday.

The body of a man swept away by the Las Joyas river was found by firefighters in the northeastern Olancho department. Identified as 56-year-old Renan Matute, he was last seen a few days ago, trying to cross the swollen river on horseback.

His identification brings the number of deaths during the rain to eight.

Matute's family said that he attempted to cross the river to visit his daughter who lives in the nearby community.

On Wednesday, the Honduran Permanent Contingency Commission (COPECC) maintained its maximum "red" alert for the central part of Francisco Morazan, and the southern regions of Valle and Choluteca.

According to Honduran authorities in charge of civil protection, the rain beginning on Oct. 4 has forced 6,792 into temporary shelters and damaged some 1,000 homes.

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