U.S. Democratic Party wins House majority in midterm elections

WASHINGTON, Nov. 6 (Xinhua) -- The U.S. Democratic Party on Tuesday has secured the House majority from the Republicans in the midterm elections, according to projections of multiple news outlets.

Having flipped at least 23 seats from Republican hands, the Democrats are set to retake control of the House after eight years in the minority, successfully splitting control of Congress with the Republicans, who have retained control of the Senate in earlier races.

With swaths of congressional districts still waiting for voting results, it is unclear how many seats the Democrats will eventually end up with in the next Congress.

The Democratic Party's success has been widely anticipated by pre-voting polls, though suspense remains as to how strong a "blue wave" is sweeping across the United States.

Some of the states where the Democrats finished strong included Pennsylvania, New York, and Florida.

Regaining control of the lower chamber of Congress gives the Democrats greater sway in legislative issues, as they are expected to undermine policies pushed by the Trump administration, such as medicare and immigration reform.

The Democratic Party also managed to win a number of gubernatorial races, including in the states of Illinois, New Mexico and Kansas, balancing out the Republicans who controlled 33 governorships prior to the election.

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